Sunday, 13 April 2014

5 days into my walk and I am on schedule with 7 summits climbed. I started at Choirecoille, Spean Bridge eased into the walk by climbing Sgurr Innse and Cruach Innse making my way down by Lairig Leacach bothy and onto Meanach where I planned to stay the night but decided it would be a much better plan to cross the River Of Nevis that evening to camp at Luibelt  as it was already drizzling. Sure enough the next morning the river was a torrent. Good Plan! Previous experience working with The Venture Trust in this area had taught me that one.
 The following morning was wet, windy and misty and Glas Bheinn was a hard won second summit. My new waterproofs had not arrived when I left home and I found out that my old kit was no longer up to the job, I arrived at Loch Chiarain bothy like a drowned rat and spent the rest of the afternoon reheating and drying out clothes.
I decided to leave Cain Leum Ulleim till the next day and as I was so wet already it was not a problem to wade across the Chiarain River and make my way across Beinn a Bhric to the summit. This is me on the summit cairn.
From here I started the long walk down to Kinlochleven via the Blackwater Reservoir where I met Martin, walking the Stevenson Way which follows the route of Kidnapped. I had thought about doing this a few years ago and it was good to listen to how passionate he was about the story.
From Kinlochleven the next morning I headed up the West Highland Way and cut off for the summit of Garbh Bheinn. I was getting used to wet and windy weather by now but this morning it felt steep too. My wee legs were still getting used to so much climbing.
En route down I met Pete Duggan who was out for a run. His local knowledge came in useful for the long climb later in the day up Mam na Guillain.
This was my hardest day to date, two mountains both from sea level both in really strong winds. I could not help looking over at the Mamores and thinking I could probably have climbed 6 of them in the same time.
Yesterday the weather forecast was for 70mph gusts and it was with some trepidation I headed up the West Highland Way. I decided to see what the top of the Devil's Staircase was like before heading up Beinn a Chrulaiste or 'hangover hill' as it is fondly known by the Dhossers of the Creag Dhont Club. . Since I could still stand up I decided to go for it, creeping up the western slopes getting a help from the wee breeze. I was on the summit and off the other side before i knew it,(summit pic above) meeting Rob at the Kingshouse Hotel before being whisked off for a birthday treat night in a hotel which is where I am now having a romantic time, changing kit around, hand washing clothes, catching up on blogs, planning next food drops.......
Back to the kingshouse this morning for the next chapter, into Glen Etive and beyond............


  1. ".... getting a help from the wee breeze". Mistress of understatement methinks! Hope Robert's got all his instructions for the next few days. Eric

  2. cheers Eric, yes he is running around the country looking after my every whim!