Sunday, 27 April 2014

Summit of beinn an lochain, no 32, my first hill when I were but a lass unfit and shit scared, this afternoon it's amazing!  A big thank you to Stuart and Steven from Troon for moving my pack so I could travel light.  2 corbetts today :)


  1. Lorraine
    not sure you remember me but I met you on the Aonach eagach in 2008 when I was in full swing with my continuous Munro round with my German Shepherd dog. You arranged for some new boots to be sent to me!! I just read your piece in TGO and though I must get in touch and maybe spend a day or two with you!! My friend is currently running the Munros..Dan Duxbury) so if you bump into him then it really is a small world!.
    Great to hear you back into it. I'm very envious indeed and will watch your progress with excitement.
    All the best ....John

    1. John, Lorraine is doing the Border Corbetts at the moment and sails from Ardrossan on Saturday to do the Island hills. I will make sure she gets your message and I'm sure she will get in touch with you.Cheers Rob

    2. hey john, it would be great if youcould join me, the chat on the annoch eagach was just not long enough, I heard about your mate dan, Is it 37 days? somehow I do not think our paths will meet! hopefully you still have my no, call me when you can get up