Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Week 2 has had a bit of everything. I have been joined by Russell suitably after partying at Carol and Ross's wedding which sounds like a hellluva party, it took Russell 3 days to get over the calfs!!! Congratulations, you guys.
We have walked big grassy slopes through glencoe, glen etive, Glen creran, glen orchy finnishing with the 5 corbetts just north of Tyndrum, 17 corbetts in total. I got lost in a forest whilst Russell rode a road bike and mountain bike together up a woodland track. We had my surprise first birthday celebration on a mountainside in the wind and the mist and the 2nd with some pink bubbly courtesy of Tony and ciorsti in Oban. Cheers guys.
Wind and sunshine have been the dominant conditions. A lot of wind!
Russell survived a day of feeling like he was going to die, still managing to climb 2 corbetts, too much sun or the glen water?
Rob arrived to join us in Tyndrum, to sort out me and my food packs, he was running around with bikes and food drops and making sure we were fed and watered.
I have now realised my initial plan was too ambitious and have cut some days out before joining the boat in ardrossan. Planning to do them afterwards.
Now on my own again cycling towards ben ledi , pissing down today, currently drying out at the kingshouse in balquidder, giving me a few minutes to write this wee update. Thanks to russell for keeping me motivated on them big hills and to Rob for all the running around.
I climbed beinn bhuiridh yesterday, a wee mountain bike trip to cononish shortened the day, no 24 but found my camera phone was not working. Hopefully it shall kick back in as Russell has now set a precedent with all the facebook pics.
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  1. Well done missus! Keep plodding up & down them hills - you've got a boat to catch!!

    1. cheers Manny, I am even more impressed with the speed that you were moving at now I am out here, they are big buggers, hopefully you can join me somewhere (if you dont mind plodding!!) catchthe boat the morra!

  2. Great to see some pictures and read your blog. I bet you have had some stunning views the gorgeous weather!
    I look forward to following your journey and hope to join you for a few days at somepoint
    Happy tramping, ailsa xx

    1. Hey Ailsa, Sorry, not been able to keep to up to date with my blog. Would love you to come and join me, let me know when you have some time off. Hope your new ventures are really positive and fun, and hi to all those OYT guys.