Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Sorry that updates have been few and far between recently, that has been due to a lack of internet access but Lorraine is doing well and approaching her 90th hill.  Lorraine will update her blog soon when she has wi fi (and time) to do it.

One special mention which was left out of earlier blogs must go to Iain and Debbie at St Rule House, B&B in Ardrossan, who looked after Lorraine so well the night before she set sail for the Islands.  They have a wonderful and unique home which is very welcoming and well worth a visit.  Yesterday outside the Crask Inn in Caithness we bumped into Nigel Gardner who is cycling Lands End to John o Groats and had stayed with Iain and Debbie who had told him about Lorraine's journey......its a small world!!!!!

Keep spreading the word :)


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