Monday, 2 June 2014

The Fisherfields
It was the first time  had taken the track from Poolewe to the Fionn Loch. This is a beautiful, wild part of the country.  The sun was shining and all was good with the world....... until I missed my turning daydreaming and ended up on the western shores of Fionn Loch. Bonny, but not where I wanted to be. An ex partner  once said
'there is an easy way, a hard way, and Lorraine's way which is the most bloody, awkward way to go'
This was one of those days, instead of having the sense to retrace my steps, I stomped off over the Bad Bog (there should have been a clue there). With my full pack, including 5 days food, this became quite an expedition trudging through mud and peat bog, but I still had time to do an evening climb of Beinn Airigh Charr before heading down to camp at the causeway of the Fionn Loch.  A slight breeze held the midges at bay and I was able to sit outside and enjoy the evening sun.

An early start the next morning saw me on the summit ridges of Beinn Lair for 0730, it could have been earlier but this is a mountain to savour, her nooks and crannies a climber's paradise. When I reached the cairn, I stopped to place my poles for a summit pic and realised I had left them down when I stopped for a pee en route to the summit through a very large boulder field.  A frustrating hour was then spent trying to retrace my steps and doing a sweep search of the area before heading down for breakfast. I was in no hurry to leave this peaceful spot but the sun was getting high in the sky. It was going to be a scorcher ad I packed up and headed for the high pass to Shenevall taking in Beinn a Chaisgein Mor en route. Some good banter was had in the bothy that evening but I retired early to my wee tent as I had a big day coming up starting with the long sought after peaks of Beinn Dearg Mhor and Beinn Dearg Beag.

I was not disappointed the next morning. The Fisherfields were being kind and an easy river crossing and some steep walking saw me early on Beinn Dearg Mhor but a long day was still ahead. I scrambled over the pinnacles of Beinn Dearg Beag impressed with this craggy piece of land and headed down to the western shores of Loch na Sealga to cross over and carry on for Sail Mhor.
When doing a continual journey of the Corbetts there are a few hills who are outliers and there is no easy way to link them up. Sail Mhor is one such hill but the views from the summit north and west are worth the journey. It was another late night back to Shenevall and I was asleep right after dinner.

Big days have their payback and the next day it was wee tired legs which climbed Beinn a' Chlaidheimh, the demoted munro of the Fisherfield 6 but a worthy mountain on her own. On from here passed Loch an Nid to spend the evening at Lochivroan bothy before another early start the next morning saw me on the summit of Creag Rainich for 8 and an easy walk out passed the loch to the road end for mid morning.

For over a month the weather had been wild but a few days in the Fisherfield Forrest in perfect conditions had blown all the cobwebs away. I was happy.

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