Friday, 16 May 2014

Alex's blog of our first week sailing

Gratitude for Graham on Gigha! Having no sailing experience, this trip was always going to be an adventure. I awoke on day 2 of the trip at 6am being flung across the bed with the sound of screams from Clare at the helm - that was just a glimpse of things to come. Sailing around the Mull of Kintyre involved rough seas, a vomiting Rob, a sea-goggled Clare, a reliable Julie, a sleeping Lorraine and a jolly skipper. I spent the time down below with flying cutlery, in my sleeping bag hoping it would all end soon. The facial expressions from Rob and Clare in the cockpit suggested I was safest where I was. Graham the Great was in full control throughout, however, and we sailed calmly into Gigha with all crew back upstairs rewarded by an amazing dolphin display. It was a come back from sailing as 6 hours before I was thinking NEVER AGAIN. As the sunset, I sat on deck alone and appreciated the beauty of this wonderful land. A day of mixed emotions ended with gratitude for the oppportunity to have such an experience, gratitude for the opportunity to meet and share the experience with a group of special people and most of all gratitude for Graham for getting us all there alive.

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