Friday, 16 May 2014

Julie's Blog from our first week of sailing........

Julie's blog
A pertinent place to start this voyage for me as I last sailed from Ardrossan with my friend Marion Harris, her family and friends, for her 49th birthday. We had a wonderful, sunny trip with lots of laughs, but Marion was by then very ill with cancer, and sadly died 8 months later, having coped courageously with her illness.
So it is uplifting that Lorraine is doing this amazing journey in her 49th year, having been through her illness and is raising money for MacMillan.
After a days sailing yesterday ('good' or 'queasy' depending on your perspective), goose winging our way up, we arrived at Rum for a bumpy night at anchor, before an equally bumpy and wet dinghy ride ashore to drop Lorraine on a mist clagged island.
Off she trooped, determinedly up into the wind and cloud, as Rob rowed and I cursed at the obstinate, stalling outboard. Now we are munching on such gourmet delights as crisp sandwiches and biscuits with macaroni cheese on the hob, awaiting Lorraine's return from the high peaks - so that we can make the shelter of Mallaig before the forecast gales come in...... Crew change tomorrow and a new lef of the adventure...............
And as Marion would have said,  'Keep on Trucking', Lala

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