Monday, 12 May 2014

The Arran Hills.

We have just left Gigha and I am quite glad to be sitting down below out of the rain for a minute while the lassies are sailing the boat. A quick update on Arran before I let everyone else blog about the mad sailing round the Mull.
Alex and I were dropped on Arran on Saturday morning before Grahame and Rob sailed back to pick up Clare and Julie. The weather forecast had not been too favourable but as we started our walk across to Glen Rosa the day just kept getting better. It's a hard slog on to Beinn Nuis made easier by the dramatic clouds skimming across  Cir Mhor and Goat Fell. Unfortunately today was not a day for the A'Chir Ridge but we were both impressed with the path which cuts underneath to the coll below Cir Mhor which we skirted initially to head up on to the Summit of Caisteal Aitheal. It was already after 4 and we still had another 2 summits to do but we were going well. An easy pull up Chir Mhor saw us on the summit just after 5 and then the sting on the tail where we managed to climb down a false path and ended up on some rather steep terrain down climbing some wet,loose rock. After a period of time trying to find a route down we did the sensible thing and climbed back up eventually finding the lovely big path skirting it's way round the south side of the hill. This little sojourn caused us a bit of time and it was 730 before we stood on the summit of Goat Fell but the God's were with us and we were rewarded with a Brocken Spectre, swirling cloud formations and sunshine. We could have stayed much longer but we still had a boat to get back to. It was late after 930 before we were picked up and rowed back to our boat by Julie. 
A perfect day.


  1. loving reading your blogs and seeing some pictures!
    you are a true inspiration Lorraine!
    keep enjoying the moment, happy sailing , ailsa xx

  2. cheers Ailsa, looking forward to catching up in July.