Saturday, 31 May 2014

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Lorraine’s Corbett Round: Week Two of the Sailing and walking the Island Peaks by John

Wow what a week! We all came together in mallaig and our goal if we chose to accept it was to support Lorraine’s Corbett round and to do whatever necessary. If only we knew what challenges lay ahead ;-).
 It was brilliant to meet up with everyone who we were to share the experience with. Lorraine being the initial glue helping the group to bond it was clear everyone would get on like a house on fire. This was optimised by the fact I asked Lorraine ‘’how long she had known Graham’’ (our brilliant skipper) to which she replied ‘’just one week’’. This ability to engage with people is rare and amazing mirrored throughout our journey with all we met and at times people who helped us..... This aspect proves that the highland and island hospitality is still alive and well and long may it continue! 
 The trip its self had many thrills and spills, from technical problems with the boat to extreme weather on the boat as well as the mountain.  All seemed to get solved with a cup of tea or on occasion with a wee dram and in the most part with smiles on our faces! The memorable moments for me are of the a windswept day code for ‘’shite’’ on garve bhein (skye) I sneakily feel that everyone was thinking that it was no place for man nor beast and maybe we would fall at our first hurdle but no one would maintain this thought for long but instead the attitude was to battle on even with folks getting blown off their feet. In my mind this determination was the ultimate metaphor of the Lorraine’s immense undertaking and something I am in awe of!
Secondly the crack on the boat this kept moral high with everyone playing their part and bantering through the various problems that needed to be solved.
 Finally the joy of sharing the final Corbett of the islands An Cliseam (Harris) where the mood was high and sun was shining. The perfect finish to the walking on the islands and it felt like a party on the mountain side with Lorraine emitting a glow of a satisfaction Caz, Wendy, Katie and now joined by Izzy our local guide ;-), and on return to the boat was the ever present smiles and humour of Paul and Graham greeting us back with good food and tales to share. Now looking back we have had awesome times and feel privileged to support something so immense if only for one week.... On and on the Corbett round goes and in aide of a great cause that touches all of us.

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